NeoMed invests in companies that have ideas for innovative medical products.


Focus areas

NeoMed invests in emerging companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics industries. NeoMed focuses on companies with innovative and proprietary medical products addressing unmet market needs. They have a multi-stage investment approach and invest at all stages of development from startup to later stage growth financings.

Investing in

  • Idea
  • Product or prototype
  • Go to market
  • Growth and expansion

Focus areas

The investor is focussed on the following areas

Consumer services & devices
Consumer services & devices


NeoMed has supported entrepreneurs and businesses in healthcare since 1997. They have invested in more than 40 companies in Europe, including Scandinavia, Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and in North America.

How much do they invest?

NeoMed seeks to make initial investments of no less than €2 million. Ideally, NeoMed invests in companies with a management team in place that has a track record of developing commercially successful products, they will often assist in completing the management team in parallel with the development of your company. In early stage companies, NeoMed may lead or co-lead investments and in more mature companies, NeoMed may lead individual financing rounds in co-operations with other investors. Within a period of three to five years from the time of investment, NeoMed will look to exit.

How do they work?

NeoMed normally identifies appropriate investment opportunities directly through its broad and international network in the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics industries. Complete the points above to be considered as a potential investment opportunity.

This makes a difference to them

They look for companies that have innovative products that address unmet medical needs and/or reduce healthcare costs, a focused and sound business model and support in the academic and clinical community. It should also be in an area where there exist a freedom to operate and where the ability to execute your plan is realistic. Your company is expected to have a clear path to creating value and to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage in the business.

Key People

Erik Amble – Chairman
Erik Amble founded NeoMed Management in 1997 and is its Managing Partner. He has over 30 years’ experience of venture capital investing in Europe and the US, the last 20 of which in the healthcare industry. Erik holds an MSc in Management from the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, USA, and a Dr. scient. degree in Organic Chemistry from the UiO.

Pål R. Jensen - Director of Finance and Administration
Pål joined NeoMed Management in 2004. Previously, Pål worked for Accenture Ltd in Norway where he headed a controller team. Pål holds a Master of Business and Economics (MBE) from BI.

Startups they funded

Abaxis, 4Tech, Alertis Medical, and Geno Vision.

How to approach them

Pål R. Jensen
Phone: 22 54 59 40