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Internship, Oslo
Monthly salary:


The Oslo Desk is looking for candidates with a journalism background, whose role in the project will become significant, especially within investigative and constructive journalism, and that can lead their own cases independently. Given the early status of the project, the intern/part timer will work on the cases unpaid, and give the opportunity to develop their skills in a challenging work environment . TOD will ensure that in the future, should we be granted funding that we will pay our staff.

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Your tasks in The Oslo Desk will be to assist, develop and in some cases, lead the investigation; ensure the story reach to publication standards and meeting the mission and vision of TOD, You will be expected to figure out ways around obstacles and work collaboratively within the international team.

Your profile also must incorporate skills of an editor, subeditor, data scientist, ICT literate and multimedia freelancer. Not everyone can excel in all of these but to have an understanding of the demands of the role of the journalist is necessary to ensure TOD meets its targets and visions.

What we look for in our Editorial and Multimedia team:

**Please note: We do not expect that you have all of these skills and can do all of these. But it is a guide to the role you will build yourself in the team. We focus on our team members to build 21st century skills.

- Identifying and sourcing breaking news or stories by the correct use of social media as well as contacts to quickly establish further factual information, pictures, and video to enhance coverage

- Submitting ideas to the The Oslo Desk for stories that will engage our audience and stimulate debate and interaction

- Assisting in building communities and brand visibility

- Excellent relationship-building skills, both internally within TOD and externally

- Understanding SEO-focused content to drive search traffic

- Take a leading role in creating exclusive content and developing relationships with key figures

- Using digital storytelling tools including live blogs, interactive features, galleries and videos to create the richest possible online experience for readers i.e. sourcing or shooting relevant video content and still images for publication on the web and social media sites

- Support the investigative journalist team through in-depth research and discussion on leads

- Working alongside the editors to help set the news and features agendas

- Produce accurate, well-researched copy

- The ability to turn research and information gathered into compelling news stories

- Excellent communication skills and good self-PR

- The desire to develop a strong understanding of the media and journalism industry, especially in technology and how it is affecting the industry. How TOD can stay in the game

- Can work collaboratively and flexibly within cross-functional teams and an international team of journalists

- Editorial experience in both paper format and digital format, and able to spice up/edit headlines, intros and leads with wit, wordplay, intelligence and insight

- Knowledge of CMS and Wordpress

- Solid experience with SEO;

- Excellent communication and organizational skills;

- A good eye for detail, and a critical approach to analysing materials,

- The ability to take on demanding projects to tight deadlines;

- Thorough research skills and an ability to build expertise and a network of contacts quickly;

- The ability to convey complex messages to a diverse, international audience;

- An ability to work independently and demonstrate initiative to work towards editorial targets and goals;

- Strong internal and external communication skills;

- Excellent level of English especially in writing and speaking (additional languages a plus).

- Good knowledge of Norwegian

- A good learning ability

- A can-do and creative attitude, such as if you don’t know how to do something, you ask or figure out how to do it

- Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving ability


Perks & Benefits

Flexible work hours and vacation: Morning person or night owl, this job is for you
Social gatherings and games: Hangout with your colleagues
Skill development program: We want to take you from good to great
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