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Senior developer

Full-time, Trondheim
Monthly salary:


Capeesh is combining machine intelligence with gamification in order to provide relevant language learning for non-native speakers who work in domain-specific industries. Capeesh aims to change how employers onboard and train new hires. It is all about providing the right language learning exercise in the right industry-related context, driving towards authentic use in an authentic context. This experience transfers employees work-related capacity.

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We are seeking a dedicated senior developer. Your main responsibilities will be to develop and deploy the Capeesh Api and microservices in collaboration with our amazing tech team.


  • Implement backend functionality as part of a team. 
  • Automation of deployment and testing CI / CD 
  • Maintain code quality, organization, and automatization
  • Planning and collaboration as part of a team


  • Knack for writing clean, readable, and easily maintainable code
  • C# or other similar structured languages 
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Familiarity with language learning
  • Web: .Net Core 2.2, .net WebApi
  • NLP: spaCy, numPy, Flask
  • Experience with working with docker and deploying docker
  • Experience with Linux and devops tools like ansible, puppet, gitlab ci, jenkins, travis etc. 
  • Familiarity with HTTP, caching, dns, 
  • Experience implementing automated system testing and the occasional unit test
  • Experience working in agile teams. 
  • Proficient knowledge of code versioning - Git


  • Rider, pyCharm, 
  • Unity, Flask, .net Core 2.2, WebApi, React 
  • Gitlab Merge Request workflow
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Docker, ansible, Gitlab
  • Jira, Slack, GSuite 

Do you like to play chess? Our Trondheim tech team will definitely give challenge your Magnus Carlsen skills!

Perks & Benefits

Flexible work hours and vacation: Morning person or night owl, this job is for you
Free coffee / tea: Get your caffeine fix for free
Located near public transit: Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace
Social gatherings and games: Hangout with your colleagues
Pension plan: We take care of you, even when you are old and wrinkly
Skill development program: We want to take you from good to great

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