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Six engineers wanted for development of new radical production technology

Full-time, Trondheim
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To be negotiated

Alva is developing a new production technology for electric composite motors and generators with extreme performance. We are looking for exceptional engineers and scientists for the following positions: • CTO • Mechanical Engineer • Automation Engineer • Composite Engineer • Motor Control Engineer • Aerodynamicist No electrical machine experience is required: talent and drive matter far more. We are primarily looking for evidence of exceptional ability and practical experience.

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EngineerProject managementProduct developmentMechanicElectricManufacturing

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The team is split two ways: Part of the team will develop production equipment for automatic manufacturing, and part of the team will design and develop motors and generators for pilot user applications in automotive powertrains, UAV thrusters and electrical actuators. First motor application will be for commercial UAVs. 

Several positions can be applied for by one candidate. 


Chief Technology Officer 

As CTO, you will be leading the technical team through an iterative an experimental approach, overseeing and following every part of the development. You must be versatile, and familiar with some of the mentioned engineering styles:  composite materials, molding processes, electrical machines, system control and automation, mechanics, robotics, prototyping, and design for manufacture. Most important is it that you are practical, experiment-driven and have an exceptional ability to make things work.  


Senior Mechanical Engineer 

You will be responsible for static and dynamic mechanical calculations, analysis and simulations, as well as developing new concepts for our motor and generator portfolio. You will be working closely with the CTO, the Motor Control Engineer and our Senior Electrical Engineer, as well as the production-team.


Motor Control Engineer

As Motor Control Engineer, you will be developing new technologies in the areas of drive controls, modulation techniques and drive system optimization, with the main task of developing the converter/inverter/motor controller. You will be working closely with the Senior Electrical Engineer and CTO, but also be involved in the design and planning phases. Experience from motor design would also be beneficial. 


Senior Automation Engineer

As Senior Automation Engineer, you will oversee the automation of the production line. This includes configuration, tuning and testing of smaller and larger prototypes. The position also includes development of the physical production line, new tools and equipment. A creative and practical person with experience from robotics is required.


Senior Composites Engineer 

A part of Alva's production process is high-quality molding of composite components. As Senior Composite Engineer, you should have good understanding of material science, as well as practical experience from molding or similar production methods. You will be in charge of experimenting and developing new production methods and equipment, and integrate these methods in the production line together with Senior Automation Engineer and CTO.


Senior Aerodynamic Engineer

For the UAV application, Alva will be needing an aerodynamicist to optimize the motor-duct-propeller solution. Main tasks will include CFD-simulations, but also practical experimentation and prototyping of different solutions. Will be working closely with Senior Electrical Engineer, CTO, Senior Mechanical Engineer and Senior Composites Engineer. 


Perks & Benefits

Flexible work hours and vacation: Morning person or night owl, this job is for you
Equity package offer: Want to be a partner? Look no further
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