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Creative Copywriter Internship /Content Marketing/
Technium AS // reTyre Oslo Internship
Co-founder - Salg og digital markedsføring
DiggBox Oslo Part-timeCofounder
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Generation M-obility Oslo Part-time
AUKA Oslo Part-time
Project Manager Customer Service for Optimalprint
Gelato Oslo Full-time
Sales Consultants for Norways most ambitious Call-center
The Sales Factory AS Oslo Full-time
Full-stack developer - Come write beautiful code to make home deliveries more urban and green
Porterbuddy Oslo Full-time
Frontend Software Engineer
CHOOOSE Oslo Full-time
Back-end developer
Zendera AS Oslo Full-time
Startup Helper - Teknisk produkteier av Entrepedia Platform
Entrepedia Oslo Full-time
Senior Front-end Developer
Porterbuddy Oslo Full-time
Video Producer Intern Oslo Internship
Marketing Strategist
Hobbsters AS Oslo Internship
Full-stack developer
Catware AS Oslo Full-time
Experienced CPO(CTO) for scaleup within Fashion and Circular Economy
REPAIRABLE Oslo Full-timeCofounder