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Join a startup as an advisor

Do you have years of experience and know-how you want to share with a startup who are looking for an advisor?

Startups are seeking advisors for both short-term tasks and long-term guidance e.g. for: 

  • New market entry
  • Customer acquisition
  • Funding advice
  • Advisory board
  • Board of Directors
  • Mentoring

The Hub represents over 4,300 startups across the Nordics where +1,500 startups are currently seeking advisors. Browse through the pool of great startups in either NorwayDenmarkSweden or Finland and use the available filters to help you navigate and find the best match within selected industries and regions.

Send us a list of the startups you will like to match up with and the startup will get back to you if they see a match. 

If you represent a startup who are seeking an advisor then please click "yes" in your profile and be visible to advisors today!

We recommend that the first meeting is an informal coffee (or tea) meeting where expectations are set e.g. paid or non-paid, experience, needs, match etc. Drinking coffee while you network will even strengthen your DNA and increase your fiber intake with 1.8 grams of fiber per cup, 5-10% of what you need in a day! So hey don't be a stranger - reach out if you want to network with startups and let us know who you want to invite for coffee! 

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