NDA Template

by Kluge

There’s nothing worse than getting your brilliant idea stolen, but at the same time, you have to get it out into the world and get people excited. An NDA can reduce the risk of someone stealing your idea.

You need to fill out the NDA with all the appropriate information highlighted in the document, and remember to get it signed at the beginning of the meeting.

We wish you, and your brilliant idea all the best!

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You will need to edit the templates found in the Tools section before use. Square brackets in the body of the document indicate areas that should be edited. By the end of the editing process, there should be no square brackets left in the body of the document. If there are any "ORs" in the body of the document, this indicate alternative provisions. In this case only one alternative from each set of alternatives should remain, unless it follows from the document or the circumstances that more than one alternative should remain in the document.

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