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Showing: 1444 filtered startups the leading online grocery retailer in Norway, but as a company, we’re first and foremost an ambitious tech and logistics company - not a classic retailer. We’re one of the fastest-growing startups in the Nordics, working with huge, complex challenges to make the lives of our customers simpler and easier. Want to join us? Our goal is to create the world's most efficient retail system. Through smart work, passionate customer focus and our own technology we make a difference in the lives of thousands of customers and change society for the better through a completely re-imagined value chain for grocery shopping. Our customers save more than 60 hours a year, time we believe can be better spent than going to the store. Our effective value chain and logistics save society tonnes of food waste each year and our distribution network replace almost 13,000 individual trips by car to the grocery store each year.

The Lunicorn

The Lunicorn is a media brand and production house, exploring business culture within the global innovation industry. We travel the world in search of unknown startup stories, uncovering the tech industry in an easily consumable format (short-form mobile video). Providing our audience with hyper-localised knowledge about entrepreneurial culture. To date our content has reached over 2 million people, and we have worked with the likes of DNB, Oslo Business Region and Microsoft.

Startup Extreme

Once a year, the most impactful and influential figures in tech journey to Voss, Norway to create Startup Extreme — a festival dedicated to bridging new relationships and fostering the growth of entrepreneurship internationally. We’re a vibrant, humble, and participatory festival — creating an authentic way to showcase the pulse of the Norwegian and Nordic startup ecosystems. It’s an opportunity to celebrate innovators, change-makers, and — together — inspire the future. Leave your suit and tie behind and join us in the fjords of Norway. You’ll experience two days of outdoor activities, world-class speakers, thought-provoking conversations, performances, and much more.


Our vision is turning people climate positive. The core of the platform is low barrier and high impact climate action. We provide climate positivity (climate neutrality+) as an employee benefit and monthly subscription, as plugin to products, and are launching the world's first impact-backed token. We won DNB NXT as startup of the year in Norway in 2017, best bootstrapped company in Norway in Nordic Startup Awards - and best Nordic company in the Extreme Tech Challenge in Las Vegas in 2018. A lawyer, a serial entrepreneur, an environmental engineer, an expert on positive psychology and a communications advisor walked into a bar. This is actually the beginning of the CHOOOSE story; five people with different backgrounds starting to discuss why it was so hard for us to act and engage in climate change. 

Generation M-obility

Equipping people with the mindset to thrive abroad.  Moving to a new country is exciting. We look forward to new experiences and focus on the logistics of the move, but are often ill prepared for the feelings and emotions that follow.We will help you transition your career and emotional well-being in any international environment, globally.  We plan to create an easier less stressful way for you and your family to move to another country and hit the ground running. The CompanyWe offer solutions to help companies support their employees and their family members with the emotional effects of moving abroad, connect global talents to opportunities, creating a workplace transitioning platform that will drive company success through diversity and retain top-tier talent. With the support of Innovation Norway, we currently would like to expand our team of interns in helping us with the development of our new chapter. The PeopleWe are a group of internationally-minded people from various backgrounds, currently living in Norway. We work hard and play hard. We maintain an environment where you can be innovative, leveraging your education, experience, passion, strengths and abilities.  So far we represent 6 countries, more than 8 languages and have all lived or studied outside of our home country. We love to laugh and enjoy each other's experience with living abroad.


We’re building the world’s most intelligent print cloud to make digital printing easy, efficient, and local. We believe that “collaborative consumption”, in our case, sharing print machines' excess capacity, can be the positive consequence of a “sharing economy”. Optimalprint, our B2C solution, is a global e-commerce leader in personalized print products. Gelato Globe, our B2B solution, helps global companies print locally and have their prints delivered to more than 70 countries.


Hold is an innovative mobile app that helps students focus in school by rewarding those who spend time away from their smartphones. The idea is simple: Start Hold, collect points for not using your phone and trade them for rewards. After only 12 months of operation more than 35% of all students in Norway have downloaded Hold. Furthermore, we have partnered up with several international brands such as Coca Cola, Microsoft and Danske Bank. We are a small team - all hands on deck. We kind of love it. Everyone has a role, but we help out wherever we can. After all, we have the same mission:   << We want to make it fun and rewarding to put away your phone >> is on a mission to humanize advertising through user-generated content marketing. With the rise of ad blockers, brands are looking for a better way to connect with their audience. Powered by data-driven tools, the platform matches brands with social media content creators to create genuine collaborations and inspiring stories worldwide.

Hobbsters AS

Hobbsters AS is a service platform that connects people interested in teaching their hobbies/ activities to people who are passionate about exploring and learning new hobbies/ activities. . We assist our customers in identifying a compatible instructor and choose classes/ sessions that fits in their schedule. Talented and passionate instructors featured on our platform will be equipped with all essential tools to gain visibility, sustain their business and reach out in the market.


New technology has contributed to smart solutions and easier life. However, we still stand outside our door wondering where we left the key. Or spend a full day at home waiting for a delivery.It is about time we digitize keys.With Unloc, sharing keys is as easy as sending a text message. With just a couple of taps you can grant access for the delivery person, cleaner, nurse, or someone from the household who forgot their key. Easy, safe and efficient.(Aker Brygge offices)


FJONG is transforming the world’s second most polluting, $1.7-trillion global fashion industry by introducing a convenient way to rent and share clothes. We reinvent the way people consume, by providing clothing rentals from a limitless, virtual closet. Our goal is to be our customers’ digital stylist, matching them with personalized outfits that make it easy to save both money and the environment, without compromising style.  The FJONG team is ambitious, hardworking, creative and highly collaborative. We celebrate our diverse backgrounds from many different countries (the US,  Norway, Jamaica, Iran, Romania) and industries (finance, consulting, tech, television, marketing, fashion).

Sci-Code AS

We're building a new education system, pillared on the advances in technology that will enable exploratory learning, personalized learning experiences tailored to each individual, and the most stimulating education in the world; verified by our algorithms. As a company, we're actively developing services, tools and technologies that contributes towards closing the gap between industry and education. The motivation and value upon which the Company has been built is usefulness. The key to any country’s societal development is based on Education. It is how a generation of people pass its knowledge, know-how and values to the next one.

She Community

We work continuously to inspire, motivate  and engage people to work together for more diversity in business.    We aim to close the gender gap. SHE Community strives to make businesses better and by better we mean more diverse. Through events, conferences, study programs, and as a consulting partner to businesses we aim to motivate for diversity and inspire for equality – for all people. SHE community consists of people who believe that diversity drives profitability and progress, and who works directly towards closing the gender gap. We recently launched She Index that measures gender equality in business. She Community was founded in 2014, by two enthusiastic women, who wanted to do more for the current and coming generations. The first step? Focusing on the current situation and inspire more women to become leaders and entrepreneurs. 


Lifekeys er en online psykologtjeneste som gjør det lettere å få tak i hjelp når du trenger det. Vi tilbyr videokonsultasjon, telefonkonsultasjon og temabaserte webinar med autoriserte psykologer. I tillegg utvikler vi verktøy som kan benyttes mellom behandlingene. Vi har kontor i Media City Bergen, og kan garantere en spennende hverdag med utfordringer, ansvar og moro! Du får muligheten til å bli med i en lovende startup - og ta del i vårt arbeid med å senke terskelen for å oppsøke hjelp.


At Whereby we are building the easiest video meeting tool available on the web. Millions of people all around the world use Whereby every week to connect, communicate and collaborate, both privately and as part of their daily work. If you want to be part of our journey in making Whereby even more user friendly, making it a more powerful and productive tool, and ensuring that it has the best scalability and stability in the business – we have a desk for you!  Our staff is our most valuable resource. We're a diverse, international, friendly, creative, professional, remote, happy, social, and a productive bunch of people. Positivity is infectious! We spend so much time at work so we might as well choose to enjoy it! Since we have a remote culture, we believe it's important to get together for social activities both over video and in-person. We consider every employment to be an investment in a long-term relationship. Our ability to attract and invest in talented people, and to make them key ambassadors for the company culture and concept - already takes place at the recruitment process.