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Antler is a startup generator and early-stage VC that turns the world's top talent into great founders of great companies. Antler provides funding from day one and supports founders in building fast-growing businesses they will own and run. We select the most passionate, aspiring entrepreneurs, help them find the right co-founders and connect them to a global mentor network. Apply as an individual, not a team, and we will assess you based on your individual skills. You may or may not have a business idea and that’s fine. As long as you are open for feedback and to refine your problem statement along the way. We provide office space, hands-on coaching, access to experienced venture partners, mentors and more. We're here to help you focus on what founders do best - spending time with customers and building an amazing product and team. Ultimately, it’s your company and we’re here to help you get things off the ground.


Differ is a group of passionate and motivated people that have set out on a mission to end loneliness among students. Our insights show us that 87 % of first-year students find it difficult to cope with social or academic aspects of university life, while 40 % say they feel lonely and isolated. This needs to change. It’s an exciting time at Differ. We have world-leading edtech investors including Katapult, Learn Capital and EduCapital that trust us to change education for the better, and we are building our chat application that helps students makes friends.


Futurice is a consultancy focusing on creative problem solving to help businesses grow. Lean Service Creation, Value Proposition Design, machine learning, IoT etc. are all techniques and enablers. The real beef lies in loving the problem and coming up with opportunities that gives you an advantage to your competitors. Futurice Norway was established in 2018 and is part of Futurice Group with offices in Stockholm, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, London, Helsinki and Tampere. In Norway Futurice works with TINE, DNB, Vipps, Relokator and Finstart Nordic. In Europe we work with well known brands like BMW, Daimler, Nordea, Telia, Supercell and Fortum.

Hafico AS

We believe that public health & fitness services are not excellent. Health clubs (gyms, fitness clubs, recreational clubs, etc) can provide public with a better, more scientific, more technological, more engaging, more effective, more fun and more accessible services. We are bringing excellence into health club industry by developing such technological platform.

Independent Business Accelerator- IBA Norway

IBA Norway is a non-profit organization working on accelerating and capacity building of small and medium sized businesses. Currently we are organising first ever pan-African Innovation Week, a platform to bridge the gap between innovation & investment so as to build the future leaders of Africa. It is determined to move Africa forward towards an inclusive & prosperous continent led by technology. AIW is scheduled 28.10–02.11 at the African Union HQ in Ethiopia.

The Sales Factory AS

The Sales Factory, founded in summer of 2019 has a clear goal of becoming a significant player in Norway & internationally. Beside close collaboration with established brands, we are closely linked to Startup Ecosystems, Chambers of Commerce’s, Embassies and Investor groups in Norway and abroad. We work with several exciting clients with a high "disruptive factor". The company has clear ambitions for growth, and will be a unique and exciting workplace to work at and develop for the right talents. We see ourselves as close allies to disruptive Startup/Scale ups who have a clear go to market strategy. By providing the sales force they need we'll help these selected companies to establish a market in Norway and beyond. With a collective experience of more than 50 years of sales among the Founders in combination with their in depth experience in the startup/segment, in regards to structuring, consulting, investments, etc. The Sales Factory aims to become the natural choice for Startup/Scale ups who have a clear agenda to reach unicorn status.


Exploras is looking for a CTO! Exploras is a travel tech startup currently looking for a key person to join the team on an exciting journey towards revolutionizing and simplifying the way we experience travel in Norway and beyond. We are looking for an ambitious CTO who want to be part of building something from the ground up. The company has already closed its first round of funding from a group of experienced investors and is now looking to take the next big steps in developing a new platform.

Hark Technologies

Hark Technologies is working towards a future where people don't have to worry about their electricity consumption. We have developed a custom device for gathering data from smart electricity meters, and on top of this data we are building services for reducing power peaks in the electricity grid. This is useful for both end users and grid owners. We believe in a smart future without vendor lock-in, so we are integrating existing products into our platform.

SOIstrat Consulting

Accelerating People and Planet Sustainability. SOIstrat Consulting is a next practice management company with the vision to promote and accelerate People and Planet sustainability in business value chains through a simple partnership for Sustainable Development Goals as a strategic approach to do business.

Lagarhus Products AS

Lagarhus Products establish innovative state of the art solutions with supreme quality, top prior customers support to an acceptable price. We are consists of a well functioning, dedicated team, combining the innovation, skills and experience of young, middle age and senior players. We would also emphasise that we have an exciting and innovative world wide network, consisting of competent persons eager to assist when needed.


Entrepedia AS is a "not for profit" company, set up as a subsidiary for the investment company Firda. Best practices, documents, templates, etc. from the portfolio companies will be made available for everyone through the soon to be released Entrepedia platform. Our purpose is to support founders and company builders to set up a good company from the start and further provide advice through the journey, and so increase the chances of new Norwegian successes and industry. Entrepedia's mission is to make the Nordics more innovative, starting with Norway. We are a small team consisting of: Oliver Halvorsrød, CEO  of Entrepedia and former Digital lead for ABB Norway, representing ABB Technology Ventures in NorwayGeir Førre, serial entrepreneur and Managing Partner in Firda – Founder of EntrepediaMagnus Nordseth, investment professional and Partner in Firda - active contributor to Entrepedia.A growing base of key players in the community that want to contributeYou?


Stowe connects people who have space with people who need space.We aim to revolutionize storage by allowing anyone to conveniently store anything without the need for expensive commercial storage. Stowe lets people with available space put their place on the website, and then connects them with customers who need storage. Whether you are someone who needs winter storage for their boat or a farmer with an empty barn who wants to earn some easy money, Stowe is for you.


Metaito is a young software development company that focuses on combining information into lasting knowledge. We want to enable people to make sense of the information in their life, while utilizing the strengths of collaboration and community. Currently, we are developing Factsplat - a platform that lets you organize the resources and tools on the internet by creating personal dashboards. Our goal is to reduce distractions and waste of time by collecting everything in one place.


Haawal Engineering is developing simple solutions for a changing climate. We have developed an effective portable flood barrier that is simple and effective to use, protecting communities against flooding. The solution has been developed and patented by us, and we startd selling on the Norwegian market last year. We are now expanding to the rest of Europe, with Germany as our main focus.

Equality Check

Our mission is to catalyze equal opportunity in the workplace for everyone through radical transparency and accountability. We are a community-based platform of employee reviews rating equality in the workplace. We enable people to help each other avoid pitfalls and showcase the companies that are truly great places to work, regardless of your background. Our platform is 100% anonymous- and your contact information will never be associated with your review. Marie Louise Sunde and Isabelle Ringnes founded the campaign #Hunspanderer in Norway 2015. #HunSpanderer has had two successful campaigns addressing unconscious bias and gender stereotypes reaching millions of people. Following the campaigns, we have seen a significant call for action and solutions on how to improve gender balance in the workplace. Our mission is now to go from insight to action and empower people everywhere to use their voice to drive change.